Exceptional side hill stability is just one of many reasons why we supply the military. The BaseCamp tracks true even in crusty, icy conditions, opening up more direct routes to your goals. Lets you weave safely through the timber or link turns on mile runs down the backside.

Our harness is fully adjustable front and rear allowing you to keep the poles at your sides where they belong no matter your waist size. It's flexible, strong, comfortable and completely dependable. Loops can be sewn directly to your pack waistband.

Your gear is carried in an 11,000 cu. in. Duffel Bag of 1,000 denier Dupont Cordura nylon. Two buckles and all your gear comes off the sled at once, together. Wide nylon straps make the whole sled backpack able for fording rivers, crossing pressure ridges, walking through airports.


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